Tensoshade™ is a Fabric Architecture company that specializes in the design, and through our vendor alliance network, manufacture and installation of high-quality lightweight fabric shade systems. We provide weather protection for residential, commercial, and industrial projects. Tensoshade™ is based out in San Antonio, Texas.

Our mission is to provide the highest quality, most cost-effective products possible with a customer service experience second to none, always on time, and within budget. Tensoshade™ is committed to successfully transforming your ideas and vision into a reality.

The ultimate in shade protection in Fabric Architecture

Our environmentally friendly shade structures and shade sails systems combine modern architectural engineering with durable tensile strength materials; perfect for any application. Through our vendor alliances network, we offer turn-key product solutions from initial concept and design through the fabrication, installation, and delivery of your own shade structure, and DO NOT carry cheap imitations.

Tensoshade™ crew on site

Our History

In 2004, Tensoshade™ was founded as a one-man entrepreneurship operating with limited available hours. Based out of San Antonio, Texas, its initial clientele list began as an e-commerce business by Irving Allande, a native Texan and architectural designer. His interest in the Tensile Structures and Membrane Industry, also known as Fabric Architecture, began from a background of family architects.

It was in early 2009 when Tensoshade™ was established as a Limited Liability Company and full-time operation started on a progressive schedule. Since then Tensoshade™ and its strategic partnership alliances have designed and installed thousands of Tensile Membrane structures in the USA, Mexico, and Central America.

Today, Tensoshade™ is one of the leading Architectural Tensile Fabric Systems companies in the Americas, setting a new precedent and providing continuing education to its partners through a Master’s degree of Engineering in Tensile Membrane Structures.

The company’s vision is to grow into worldwide markets providing the design of amazing membrane structures, weather protection, and comfort, cultivating lifestyles and appeal of any site ambiance gathering.

Tensoshade™ promotes training among its members and alliances because only in this manner is it possible to grow and extend our knowledge of our industry, innovate, and respond to the demands of the market.

Our Team

Continuing Education

photo of Bauhaus building

Our team of designers, architects, and engineers have attended frontline academic programs of this industry at the international level including the Master in Engineering of Membrane Structures and Shell Technologies from the University of Applied Sciences in Anhalt (Germany).

About the program

The main focus of the German school is on the use of software for the calculation of loads and structures, structural design, the study of the physical and mechanical properties of the materials, the constructive knowledge of the tested mechanisms, sizing or dimensions, construction patterns, the development of projects and the maintenance of such.

Hoschschule Anhalt

Tensoshade™ has you covered.


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