Sergio CervantesProject Manager and Designer

Bachelor of Science in Architecture, The University of New Mexico

El Pasoan for Twenty-Eight years, Albuquerquean for Five years and San Antonian for Eighteen; My roads are many but my destination is one, And that is to give my services back to my community is the most satisfying experience I can do.

After acquiring a Bachelor of Science in Architecture from the University of New Mexico at Albuquerque and two decades as an Architectural Designer.  My efforts in design are on a continuous bridge of knowledge, technology, comfort, and excitement, expanding limits to full-client satisfaction in Fabric Shade Structures.

Throughout this journey I have gained a developing creative skill with a continuous growth, of providing, “Form Follows Function”.  The opportunity I obtain within the Fabric Architecture industry allows me to use this skill and give buildings, purpose to engage with community; not only providing a covered space,  but dedicating my designs to be a “stop and smell the flowers”, experience and inflict emotion to the end user and pronouncing the entrance to the building.

I find myself in the joy of having that experience as one of my tools within my personality and is in parallel with our company’s beliefs.


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