Shade structures

Shade structures offer architects and designers a creative solution to provide an aesthetically pleasing standalone structure.

Photo of impressive tensile membrane structure pool custom shade Tensile structure by Tensoshade™

They are often in applications such as landscape amenities, aquatic facilities, park areas, auto industries, sports entertainment complexes, civic plazas, and many more.

During the hot summer months, people seek shade structures to stay cool while outdoors. To encourage people to come outside when it is hot, many parks, public structures, and shopping plazas have incorporated shade structures into their sites.

However, the benefits have gone beyond providing a cool space to spend time.

The Top 3 Benefits of Shade Structures

  • Keep your loved ones protected from harmful UV radiation that can cause skin cancer

When the sun is beaming down on people, it can be quite uncomfortable to be outside. But worse than the discomfort of being hot is the health risk of extended UV exposure. Studies have found that HDPE can reflect 85%-97% of UV radiation. It can also reduce the temperature under the structure by 5-15 degrees Fahrenheit, making it much safer and more comfortable. PVC membranes perform similarly to an HDPE Fabric membrane, absorbing 95%-99% of UV radiation.

  • Keep your investment and valuables protected from the harsh elements

Maybe you want to keep valuable objects and equipment protected from the elements. Shade structures can be a great solution to keep parked cars cool and safe from hail. A study by the American Meteorological Society has found the temperature of cars up to 20 degrees cooler under shade structures vs. being exposed to the sun all day. They can be used to keep exposed machinery from overheating due to direct sunlight exposure. They can be used over storefronts to reduce the heat entering the building. Keep the plastics used in playground equipment from becoming cracked and brittle under the heat while keeping the equipment nice and dry for kids to play on.

  • Extend the usable time of the covered area

Whether is an al fresco event, sports, concert, or any outdoor facility a beautifully design shade structure will allow the area to be used any time of day, any time of year.

Keep metal courtyard benches, picnic tables, or bleachers from burning visitors with a fabric structure. Shade or membrane structures can make public spaces comfortable during all times of the day and year.

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